NIROSTAR 2000-C plus

NIROSTAR 2000-C plus


The plus model NIROSTAR 2000-C flexible impeller pump is distinguished by the fact that the pump can be opened without any tools. Not only does this shorten cleaning time for the pump, but also simplifies changing out the impeller.  The new design allows the pump head to be rotated in 45 degree increments, allowing easy adaption for difficult installation requirements. The unit is available with dry run protection for an addiitonal $127.00.

  • Technical Details

    ► Impeller pump with motor, cable and plug
    ► With U-lock and fastening screw
    ► Impeller bushing material- 316 in stainless steel
    ► Housing made of 316 stainless steel-1.4401
    ► Bi-directional rotation
    ► Max.1400 rpm

    This pump is suitable for continous operation

    Pump with Frequency Converter
    Upon request, the NIROSTAR 2000-C plus can be equipped with
    a frequency converter. The frequency converter enables speed
    adjustment, allowing for smooth and efficient operation.
    The NIROSTAR 2000-C plus is also available with dry run protection.