Industrial - Chemical Pumps

Teflon Lined & Alloys • Acids • Caustics • Solvents • Hi Temp Centrifugal • Positive Displacement • Tank & Railcar Unloading Self-priming
Sealless Mag-drive Pumps are the most efficient chemical pumps available. Teflon lined, total non-metallic liquid contact with no seals or packing to leak. Close coupled design eliminates the baseplate coupling, guard and alignment problems.

Product List:  Finish Thompson Inc. | Magnatex

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Versatile • Hazardous Materials • Portable • Self Priming • Low Shear

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps are used in any industry to transfer chemicals, wastewater, filter press feed, slurries, FDA food products and dry powder. These chemical pumps come in sizes from 1/4" to 3" offering flows to 200 gallons per minute. Available materials of aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, Hastalloy, Teflon, polypropylene and PVDF (Kynar). UL listed and fully groundable ATEX compliant for flammable and hazardous liquids. Can be used in suction lift and flooded suction applications.

Product List:  FTI Air | Yamada | Versa-Matic | BLACOH

Drum Pumps

Vats • Reactors • IBC's • Drums • Storage Tanks

Drum pumps offer a wide selection to choose from, from water like liquids to food products such as honey and mayonnaise. Most of the chemical pumps are of centrifugal design with high speed motors and small impellers which allow them to fit in tight places. Higher viscosity progressive cavity models allow for a smooth non shearing flow. Pump tubes are available in all metallic alloys and non metallic plastics in lengths up to 10 feet. Motors are offered in all voltages, UL Listed Explosion Proof, 12 & 24 Volt, variable speed and air or nitrogen.

Product List:  Flux

Drill Operated Pumps

Vats • Reactors • IBC's • Drums • Storage Tanks

  • ZUWA makes efficient pump power available everywhere -  powered with any regular electric or cordless drill and screwdriver, at any time, at any place.  Connect the shaft of the pump with the chuck. The depth stop of the drill fully stabilizes the system and ready you are. Contrary to similar pumps on the market this pump is truly self priming. It has a metal body instead of plastic and a shaft with top quality ball bearing which guarantees a long lifetime.

Product List:  Zuwa

Gear & Progressive Cavity

High Viscosity • Oils • Chocolate • High Pressure • Abrasives • Slurries

Gear pumps offer the ability to handle a wide variety of fluids with pressure capabilities to 1000 PSI. These chemical pumps can be run in either direction, used in suction lift or flooded suction, handle chocolate with nuts, hydraulic and edible oils and abrasive slurries. Mag-Drive sealless, mechanically sealed and packed stuffing box designs are offered to match the pumped fluid. Progressive cavity pumps are used where low shear, high solids and abrasives are present.

Product List:  Roper | Continental

Industrial & ANSI Process Pumps

High Viscosity • Oils • Chocolate • High Pressure • Abrasives • Slurries

Truflo Pumps meet all ANSI standards and are available in both mechanically sealed and sealless designs. These chemical pumps can be physically interchanged with other manufacturers ANSI design. With 25 sizes available ,flows to 6,000 GPM, heads to 700' TDH and temperatures to 700 F Truflo can handle most of your pump applications. Standard features include a large bore stuffing box, labyrinth bearing isolator, magnetic oil plug and investment cast impellers. All alloys are available. Truflo also offers a self priming pump, multistage high pressure and magnetically coupled design.

Product List:  Truflo

​General Purpose

Centrifugal • Self-priming • Multi-Stage

Drum & IBC/Tote chemical pumps are used in almost every industry. Available in materials to handle any fluid they are a convenient, safe , economical and efficient way to dispense or transfer fluids from water to very viscous fluids such as gear oils, mayonnaise and honey. Most pumps are a two component design with choice of motor drive and a pump tube suitable for the container and liquid.


Product List: G&L | Banjo

Submersible & Vertical Pump

Wastewater • Slurries & Abrasives • Sewage Ejector Systems

Product List:  World Chemical

Metering Pumps

Wastewater • Slurries & Abrasives • Sewage Ejector Systems

Product List: Hayward