Sanitary Pumps: Pumps, Strainers & Valves

Food & Beverage & Pharmaceutical • Biotech • Chemical • Meat & Poultry

Pumps designed to conform to 3-A, ATEX, USDA, EHEDG and FDA requirements.

FTI Air® FDA-Compliant AODD Pumps

NEW! FTI Air® FDA-compliant Metallic & Non-Metallic AODD pumps are specifically constructed of materials safe for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic processes where 3A, USDA, or EHEDG standards are not required.

The simple, durable design features a non-stalling air valve, lube free operation, On/Off reliability, ease of operation & maintenance, and delicate/shear-sensitive product handling.

FTI Air® FDA-compliant AODD pumps adhere to the highest quality and industry standards:

  • FDA CFR21.177

  • EC Directive 1935/2004/EC

  • ATEX (metallic only)

  • CE


Metallic: Stainless Steel

  • 316L stainless steel wetted components, passivated with satin finish

  • RA 200μ-in/5.1μm finish

  • Tri-clamp connections

  • Powder coated aluminum or polypropylene non-wetted parts

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • FDA-grade wetted component options

  • ATEX option


SS FDA Technical Flyer


Non-Metallic: Polypropylene


  • FDA compliant unfilled polypropylene wetted components

  • Smooth, easy to clean finish

  • Polypropylene or powder coated aluminum non-wetted parts

  • Stainless steel fasteners

  • Threaded or ANSI/DIN/ISO flanged connections (connection options vary by pump size)

Polypropylene FDA Technical Flyer

FDA Diaphragm Options  Santoprene • Hytrel • Buna (black) • PTFE/Santoprene • PTFE/Buna (black)

FDA Check Ball Options  Santoprene • PTFE • Weighted • 316 Stainless Steel

Applications include:

  • Wine, Vinegar, Soy sauce, Plant oils, Fruit juice, Fish oil, Mustard, Molasses, Ketchup, Spirits, Gravy, Corn syrup, Shampoo, Glycerin, Liquid soaps, Honey, Ointments, Fluoride, Hand cream, Glycerin, Formaldehyde, Dyes, Toothpaste, Bath gels


Sanitary Positive Displacement Pumps - Rotary Lobe and Gear Pumps


Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pumps

The UNIBLOC-PD rotary lobe pump has set the industry standard for high performance sanitary pumps. With the fully machined gearbox at its core, the UNIBLOC-PD's compact design offers a solid foundation for reliability and durability in the field. Available in multiple sizes.

  • Fully machined stainless or coated aluminum bearing housing options

  • Built with FDA approved materials

  • CIP & SIP capable

  • Sanitary seamless pump head

  • Compac FMS (Flange Mount System)

  • Versatile Seal Mounting (VSM)- one pump accepts all seal types

  • Port sizes from 3/8" to 6"

  • Capacity up to 480 GPM (1.815 LPM)

  • High temperature compatible up to 400°F

  • High pressure capabilities up to 500 psig


PDF - UNIBLOC-PD & GP Pump Brochure


Meat & Poultry Pumps

Meat & Poultry processing creates a challenging environment for pumps and equipment. Reliability, performance and the ability to withstand daily sanitation are essential. Unibloc-Pump has developed a network of pumps and patented features specifically designed to withstand these challenges and offer a longer lasting, more cost effective and easy to maintain pump.

  • Fully machined stainless construction

  • Stainless, plastic or hybrid rotors available

  • Front loaded shaft seals

  • Various inlet types and custom options

  • Sanitary, easy-clean design

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting


PDF - UNIBLOC-PD Meat & Poultry Pump Brochure


Chocolate & Candy Pumps

  • UNIBLOC -PD 450

  • Anodized Aluminum Pump Gearbox

  • Housing and Cover Supplied

  • 2.0” T/C, Horizontal or Vertical Ports

  • Jacketed 316 Stainless Rotor Housing

  • 3/4" NPT top/bottom

  • Tanker-pumps available fully or partially jacketed


PDF - UNIBLOC-PD Chocolate & Candy Pump Brochure


Sanitary Gear Pumps

Smooth flow, reliability, effortless maintenance... these features are the foundations for the UNIBLOC-GP series of gear pumps. With its precision-machined gears, the UNIBLOC-GP produces virtually zero-pulsation flow with uncompromising accuracy. Built with the same rugged design as the UNIBLOC-PD, the GP Series offers solid construction for worry-free dependability. The GP Series features our signature QuickStrip™ design, requiring no tools for maintenance, making it the most serviceable gear pump in the industry.

  • Fully machined stainless or anodized aluminum bearing housing

  • Non-pulsating flow

  • Helical cut gears for smooth, accurate, and quiet operation

  • Sanitary 3A design

  • FDA approved materials

  • Crevice free front cover and gear housing for optimal cleanliness

  • Compac FMS (Flange Mount System)

  • Port sizes from ½” to 2”

  • Capacity up to 36 GPM (137 LPM)

  • Toolless disassembly & assembly

  • Multiple gear material options

  • Multiple pump seal options

PDF - UNIBLOC-PD & GP Pump Brochure


Transport Series Pumps - Food & Chemical Pumps for the Tanker Industry

  • Fully machined stainless steel pump head

  • Compact design

  • Versatile mounting

  • High pressure capabilities

  • Multiple rotors available

  • Front loaded shaft seals

  • Lightweight design

  • Drop-in replacement design

  • Hydraulic drive mount

  • Relief valve options

  • Heavy-duty roller bearings

  • Oversized shafts for minimal deflection


PDF - UNIBLOC-PD Transport Series Pump Brochure


Mobile Brewery Pumps

  • Small, compact, and easy to use, Unibloc-Pump's line of mobile pumps are a perfect solution to liquid handling in the brewing environment.

  • Ultra-clean design

  • Fully machined stainless steel construction

  • Easy to clean & maintain

  • Large diameter wheels for better mobility

  • Variable speed controller included


PDF - UNIBLOC Mobile Brewery Pump Brochure

Pump Solutions


Compac™ – Coupled Pump Solutions

Unibloc-Pump is proud to present the revolutionary Compac™ Series of coupled pump solutions. This innovative patented design delivers a user friendly, simplified pump system. From the unique and straightforward design of the Compac Direct, to the unmatched versatility of the Compac Flex, the Compac Series offers a complete line of sanitary lobe and gear pumps for a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Compact Design

  • Horizontal or Vertical Mounting Versatility

  • Eliminates Pump & Motor Alignment Issues

  • Eliminates the need for Spacers & Coupling Guard

  • Safe Design with No Accessible Moving Parts

  • Simplified Mounting- mounts directly to customer's skid, eliminating the need of a baseplate

  • Unlimited Speed and horsepower configurations (Compac Flex only)


PDF - Compac Coupled Solutions


LABTOP® – Integrated Pump System

The LABTOP is Unibloc’s patented solution for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Its “plug and go” design is simple and efficient, and has made the LABTOP Series the top-selling complete pumping solution for over 20 years. Composed of a UNIBLOC pump, motor, and controller enclosed in a stainless steel canopy, the LABTOP series offers unmatched simplicity and versatility. The compact and highly mobile design is perfect for filtration, chromatography, pilot applications, R&D, and more.

  • Easy to use touch screen interface

  • All stainless steel construction

  • Premium-grade components

  • Compact and mobile design

  • FDA and/or USP Class VI elastomers

  • Bi-directional flow

  • Vertical mounting for full drain ability


PDF - Labtop Integrated Pump System Brochure

Sanitary Strainers


Sanitary Y-Strainers

Unibloc Y-Strainers combine sanitary design with functionality resulting in an easy to use, easy to clean strainer. Features such as bi-directional flow and the strainer’s ability to mount in 360 degrees enables endless versatility. Composed of only three parts, the simple design ensures hassle free cleaning. Our new High Capacity Series allow for higher flow-rates, viscous products, and more efficient straining. Unibloc offers the widest selection of quality sanitary strainers on the market.

  • Inline cleanability

  • Bi-directional flow and 360° mounting

  • Durable wedge wire inserts

  • Wide range of size options, including high-capacity models


Sanitary L-Strainers

Built on the same dependable foundation as our Y-Strainers, Unibloc L-Strainers offer a 90 degree configuration. Our L-Strainers are available in standard capacity and high capacity models. Easy to use and easy to clean, Unibloc strainers combine sanitary design with functionality. Composed of high-polished 316 stainless steel, our strainers are designed to meet the most demanding hygienic applications.

  • Inline cleanability

  • Bi-directional flow

  • Durable wedge wire inserts

  • Wide range of size options, including high-capacity models

Sanitary Valves


Sanitary Check Valves

Unibloc Check Valves use a time-tested design to guarantee effective, positive sealing. The fully machined stainless housing and seamless ports further confirms our commitment to sanitary design.

  • Available in sizes 0.5" to 6.0"

  • Ultra-hygienic design

  • Designed for optimal flow

  • Available in 304 of 316L stainless steel

  • Multiple elastomer options available


PDF - Sanitary Check Valve Brochure


Sanitary Butterfly Valves

Precision machined from solid stock, the Unibloc Butterfly Valve is designed to meet the demanding applications of the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and many other sanitary industries.

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to maintain

  • Multiple elastomer options

  • Fully actuated versions available

  • Block and bleed

  • Divert valves


PDF - Sanitary Butterfly Valve Brochure


Sanitary Pressure Relief Valves

The Unibloc Pressure Relief Valve utilizes our SimpleSetTM design allowing a fully adjustable pressure range. The straightforward and hygienic design has made this valve the premier choice amongst sanitary pressure relief valves for over 25 years. Fully adjustable with pressures ranging from 5-200 psi, the Unibloc Pressure Relief Valve combines versatility with an easy to operate design.

  • Available in sizes 0.5" to 6.0"

  • SimpleSet® design allows easy pressure adjustment without removing the valve from the process line.

  • Adjustment lock mechanism and stainless cap are provided for protection against accidental adjustments.

  • CIP design allows for easy cleaning


PDF - Sanitary Pressure Relief Valve Brochure

Sanitary Equipment


Bulls Eye Sight Glass

Unibloc Sight Glasses offer stainless steel construction, electropolished components and fine surface finishes as standard features. Available with glass or acrylic tubes, our Sight Glasses are well suited for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Chemical, and Personal Care industries.

PDF - Bulls Eye Sight Glass Brochure


Bubble Traps

By combining ultra-clean components with simple, straight forward design, Unibloc's Bubble Traps have become "the" standard in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnical fields. Electropolished surfaces, USP Class VI Elastomers, and Comprehensive Documentation Packages are standard features on all Unibloc Bubble Traps. To accommodate specific application requirements, our bubble traps are available with custom port sizes and configurations.

PDF - Bubble Trap Brochure


In-Line Sight Glass

Unibloc Sight Glasses offer stainless steel construction, electropolished components and fine surface finishes as standard features. Available with glass or acrylic tubes, our Sight Glasses are well suited for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Chemical, and Personal Care industries.

PDF - In-Line Sight Glass Brochure