Mag-Drive & Sealless Pumps: Chemical Pumps

YD-NSF/SF Sealless & Valveless Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

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The pump's stability and quality are assured even in the harshest conditions


High quality resin construction (CFR PP, CFR PVDF)
The entire pump and its component parts are flawless molded with an all resin construction. The pump's stability and quality are assured even in the harshest conditions

All necessary measures taken for thermal expansion
Because the resin is resistant to high temperatures and is constructed to absorb thermal expansion, the pump is capable of handling high temperature solutions and chemicals.


Maintenance free
Constructed with no consumable parts (such as mechanical seals), the pump is free from problems such as leaks, wear and tear, and excess heat. This makes maintenance and inspection an incredibly easy task with very low maintenance costs.


This patented VALVELESS feature has been a World Chemical trademark since 1971. Because of its unique priming mechanism, this pump does not require any foot valves. Also, the built-in check valve reduces back-flow velocity to retain maximum liquid in the priming chamber at pump shutdown.


Uniquely resistant to high temperatures
Our originally engineered design has the unique capability of constantly and smoothly self-priming and suctioning even in temperatures as high as 184 °F (70 °C).


Resistant to wide range of chemicals
Parts such as the pump base and the motor bracket that come in contact with chemical solvents are constructed with a high resistant resin. Thus the pump will not erode from chemicals or atmospheric gases, and can also be used with hard-to handle chemicals such as sulfuric acids, nitric acids, caustic sodas, hydrofluoric acids and electro-less nickel plating solutions.


Performance Curves