Chemical Pumps Using Gear & Progressive Cavity Motion

Roper 9600 Series Pump

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Gear & Progressive Cavity Pumps - Roper 9600 Series Pump



  • Serves the chemical and transportation markets

  • Handles a wide range of viscosity

  • High capacity and very compact

  • Handles a variety of corrosive liquids

  • Uses only one mechanical seal



  • Stainless Steel construction for long life

  • Easy assembly/disassembly of pump

  • Adjustable relief valve

  • Pressures up to 100 psi

  • Flows up to 165 GPM



  • Multiple sealing options

  • Packing/ mechanical seal conversions easily done in field

  • Hydraulic drive option


Key Features


  • Cost effective

  • SST construction

  • Easy assembly / diasassembly

  • Optional hydraulic motor drive arrangement

  • Seal conversions done easily in field

  • Relief valve assembly is easily removable for cleaning

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