Portable Drill Powered Pump

Self Priming Portable Pump

Small, Lightweight and Convenient - Always Ready!


  • Powered with any portable regular electric or cordless drill

  • Fluid viscosity from 1 to 20,000 cP

  • Wide range of liquids, including liquids containing solids, oils and corrosive liquids

  • Available in a wide variety of materials for many corrosive services such as stainless steel and marine grade aluminum with 6 different elastomer choices

  • Dry self priming from a depth of 15 feet.

  • Metal body with top-quality ball bearing shaft guarantees a long service life

UNISTAR 2001-A / 2001-B / 2001-C
Universal Pump with aluminum body (AL-Marine grade) for clear or grey water without abrasives.

COMBISTAR 2001-A / 2001-B
Pump for abrasive or corrosive liquids. Wetted parts are constructed of stainless steal (AISI 316L). Non-wetted parts are aluminum.

NIROSTAR 2001-A / 2001-B
Top quality stainless steel pump. All metals are (AISI 316L) with a wide variety of applications, especially corrosive liquids.

Flat Vacuum Technology
Floor suction with-drawls fluids quickly from flat surfaces


  • Powered with any portable regular electric or cordless drill.

  • Quick, Compact and Reliable

  • Dry self-priming impeller pump

  • Flat Suction Mat and Hose

The kit comes with a flat suction mat and hose. This allows for quick extraction of fluids in a number of applications. Flat vacuum technology removes fluids almost completely, unlike submersible pumps. Works also on large surfaces such as a flat roof or pool cover.

Vacuum leaks of all kinds; (washing machine, dish washer, dryers, etc.)

Clean spills after maintenance work on boilers or hot water tanks within a few minutes.

Drain pump sumps or lifting units efficiently.

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