Industrial – Motors & Drives

Motors, Monitors & Drives

Motors, Monitors & Drives

General Purpose • Sever Duty • Hazardous Duty • Inverter Duty • Vertical P-Base TEFC Motors 

JH Process can supply motors suitable for any condition or service including UL-listed explosion-proof, chemical duty, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), open drip proof (ODP) as well as air and nitrogen-powered motors. We can provide standard and international voltages including 12 & 24-volt DC, single and three-phase variable frequency drives (VFD), and motor load monitors.

Protect Pumps

Protect Pumps

Pump Load Controls • Dry Running • Cavitation • Bearing Failure • Overload

Fast response compact digital load controls. Load controls protect valuable equipment from problems and damage. True power load can display the percent of full load, horsepower, and kilowatts. Its response is 10x faster than typical load control and you can see all of your settings with just the touch of a button. 

Power Monitoring Made Easy

Universal Power Cells • Mixture Viscosity • Pump or Fan Flow • Optimum Feed Rate

Universal power cells give you valuable information about machine and process performance by monitoring motor loads. The universal power cell senses true motor power three phase, variable frequency, and single-phase or DC. 

Compact Low Cost Power Sensor

Model TP-2 • Ideal for Small Enclosures • True Motor Power

The compact motor power sensor is ideal for small motor starter enclosures measures true motor power, and is 10x better than sensing just AMPS. The TP-2 senses the electrical power input to a motor (horsepower). The output is a 4-20 milliamp LOOP POWERED analog signal proportional to power. 

WEG Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

High Technology • Easy Installation & Operation • Compact Size

The WEG Variable Frequency Drive is equipped with an optimized software that can be easily set through a keypad, which enables them to process and control most industrial machines. It is intended for speed control of three-phase induction motors. It is also an advanced technology and full features in a compact product, beyond a set of special functions that are available.  

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